Joomla! Contacts component

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The component Contacts allows you to manage contacts (linked to registered or not registered users), and to assign them contact forms through which visitors can contact you or other users.

To access the component Contacts, select Components (1) → Contacts (2).

Joomla! contact component

Component Contacts

You will see the following page:

Joomla! contact manager

Contact Manager with Joomla! sample data

1 - You can access your contacts and categories.

2 - The contacts' list of the component (on the screenshot you can see the list installed with Joomla! sample data).

3 - Different filters allowing you to search for a specific contact.

4 - A toolbar enabling you to create, edit, publish, unpublish... your contacts. This toolbar also gives you access to the global settings of the component Contacts. These parameters can be configured:

  • here (applying to all categories and contacts),
  • in each category (applying to the category only),
  • in each contact (applying to the contact only),
  • and for the menu item (applying to the contacts or to the categories displayed by this menu item) in case of a display via a menu item.

a - As is the case for all managers, when filtering by order, you can sort your contacts by dragging/dropping.


Manage your Contacts

In order to display your Contacts on the site, we will start by creating a new category. To do so, select ComponentsContactsCategories and hit the New button. You'll be taken to the following page:

new categorie

New Contacts Category

1 - Enter a title and an alias for this category (if you don't enter an alias, Joomla! will do it for you).

2 - You can enter a description.

3 - You can enter the Author name and define the metadata.

4 - Here you can define the category's permission settings.

5 - You can choose an image for this category and configure its layout.

6 - You can select a parent item for your category, configure its status, its access and its language.

Once everything is configured as you want to, you can hit the Save & Close button.

We'll now be able to create Contacts in this category. To do so, select ComponentsContactsContacts and click the New button. You will be taken to this page:

New contact

New Contact

1 - Enter a title and an alias for your Contact (if you don't enter an alias, Joomla! will).

2 - You can link this Contact to a user who is already registered.

3 - Select a category to which your Contact will belong.

4 - You can enter additional information.

5 - You can enter an author for this Contact, add the creation date, the start/finish publishing dates and configure the metadata.

6 - Here you can enter the contact's details such as an image, a function, an email address, an address, a website...

7 - Here you can customize the display parameters for this Contact.

8 - You can configure the contact form of the Contact.

9 - You can publish this Contact, define its access, its language, its tags and also tag it as "Featured".

Once everything is correctly configured, you can hit the Save & Close button.


How to display Contacts?


Joomla! offers 4 menu items to display your Contacts on your website:

Contact menu item

  • List All Contact Categories: allows you to view your Contacts' categories. You select a root category and the menu item displays this category and also its child categories.
  • List Contacts in a Category: this shows all the contacts of one specific category.
  • Single Contact: shows the contact information of one specific contact.
  • Featured Contacts: lists the contacts tagged as featured.

Let's display the contact information of a single Contact as an example. To do so, select Menu ManagerYour menu. Then click the New button. Hit the Menu Item Type button, select Contacts and then Single Contact. You'll be taken to the following page:

Single contact menu item

New Menu item Single Contact

1 - Select the contact you want to display.

2 - Enter a title and an alias for your menu item (if you don't enter an alias, Joomla! will).

3 - Select the menu and the level in which you want to create your menu item.

4 - Here, you can find all the parameters to display your menu item. If you configure them here, they will prevail over the parameters defined in the Contact manager or in the Contact itself.

5 - Assign the modules of your choosing to this menu item.

Once everything is configured properly, you can click the Save & Close button. If you installed Joomla! with sample data, the menu item Using Joomla!Using ExtensionsComponentsContact ComponentSingle Contact of the menu item About Joomla! is of type Single Contact:

Single contact frontend

Single Contact displayed with tab view


Single contact frontend plain

Single Contact displayed with plain text view


Plugin User – Contact Creator 


Joomla plugin contact creator

Joomla! Plugin User - Contact Creator

In the plugin manager (ExtensionsPlugin Manager, then filter by User), you will find the plugin User – Contact Creator. This plugin is very useful, when enabled, it automatically creates a Contact for every new registered user. This plugin is disabled by default.