Joomla! Newsfeeds component

Simon Grange.

The component Newsfeeds allows you to display on your website some content from other websites in feed form.


To access the component Newsfeeds, select Components (1) → Newsfeeds (2).

Joomla newsfeeds component

Component Newsfeeds

You will be taken to the following page:

Joomla! newsfeeds manager

Newsfeed Manager

1 - List of all your Newsfeeds (here you can see those installed with Joomla! sample data).

2 - Filter to search for a specific Feed. As is the case in every manager, when you sort by ordering (a), you can sort your Newsfeeds by dragging/dropping.

3 - This toolbar allows you to create, edit, publish your Feeds, move them to Trash, etc.

4 - A menu directing to the Newsfeeds (this page) and to the Categories (containing Newsfeeds).


Add Categories to the component Newsfeeds

Before you create your Newsfeeds, you first need to create Categories. To do so, select ComponentsNewsfeeds → Categories, then click the New button. You'll be taken to this page:

New category newsfeed New Category


1 - Enter a title and an alias for your Category (if you don't enter an alias, Joomla! will do it for you).

2 - You can add a description.

3 - You can enter the Author name and configure the Category's metadata.

4 - You can define the Category's permission settings.

5 - You can choose an image for this Category and the type of layout.

6 - You can select a parent item for the Category, configure its status, its access and its language.

Once everything is configured properly, click the Save & Close button.


Add Newsfeeds

Once you've created your Categories, you can add Newsfeeds.

To do so, select ComponentsNewsfeeds, then click the New button. You will be taken to the following page:

New newsfeed

New Newsfeed

1 - Enter your Newsfeed's title.

2 - Enter the link directing to this Feed.

3 - Select the category to which the Feed belongs.

4 - You can add a description.

5 - You can also choose an image for your Newsfeed.

6 - You can add many different information such as the Author, the creation date, the publishing dates, the number of articles to display, the cache time, etc.

7 - Choose if you want to display or not the images, the description, the number of characters, etc.

8 - Configure the Feed's status, access and language..


Display Newsfeeds on your site.

You can display your Newsfeeds via a menu item. To do so, select Menu ManagerYour menu, then hit the New button. Click the Select button in the field Menu Item Type, the following window pops up:

Menu item newsfeed

New menu item: Newsfeeds

You have three options:

  • List of All News Feed Categories: it shows all the Feed categories. Visitors can choose a category, then they can select the Feed that is of interest and read it.
  • List of News Feeds in a Category: it shows all Newsfeeds of one specific category (and of its child categories if you wish). Visitors choose the Feed they are interested in and they can read it.
  • Single News Feed: it displays one single Newsfeed. When clicking the menu item, visitors will directly access the selected Feed.


If you installed Joomla! with sample data, the menu item Using Joomla!Using ExtensionsComponentsNewsfeeds ComponentSingle Newsfeed of the menu About Joomla! displays only one newsfeed:

Newsfeed on Frontend


Newsfeed in Frontend