Joomla! Search component

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The Joomla! Search component allows users to search for your site's content. They can for example search for an article, a contact or a weblink. To be able to use the Search component, you need to use and publish the search module (mod_search), or a menu item of Search type.

To customize the Search component's parameters, select Components (1) → Search (2).

Joomla! search component

Search Component

You'll be taken to the following page: 

Joomla search manager

Search Component


1 - Statistics on the searches conducted on your website are displayed here. On this screenshot, no data is available because the parameter gathering statistics is disabled by default. If you wish to enable it, click Options (2).

2 - Options - Here you can configure the Search component, enable the search statistics, or manage the permission settings for example (the permissions topic is covered in the User Management Chapter).

3 - You can narrow down your search statistics results.

4 - Reset your statistics.


How to publish a search module on the site?

To allow your users to perform searches on your website, you first need to publish a Search module. To do so, select ExtensionsModule Manager, then hit the New button.

Joomla! search module

Edit the Search Module


1 - Configure the parameters that are common to all modules (name, position, access,...).

2 - Here you can define many parameters such as the search box width (in number of characters), you can also choose to display a search button or an image search button (a button can be a custom image) next to the box.

3 - Select here the pages on which you want to display this search module.

4 - Manage the module's permissions.

5 - Common to all modules, you can customize some parameters like the caching and the header tag, choose whether to apply a suffix to the module CSS class or not.


Once everything is configured as you want, click the Save & Close button.

Joomla! search module frontend

 Search Module in Frontend


How to publish a Search menu item?

There is another option allowing your users to search for your site's content: publishing a Search menu item. This menu item will direct your users to a custom search form.

To do so, select MenusYour menu, then hit the New button.

Joomla! search menu item

New menu item of Search type


As is the case for any menu item, you need to enter a title, select its status, its type (the Search form type in this case), its access (1)... then you have to define the menu item's own parameters in order to customize your search form (2).

Note: If you create a Search menu item, all the searches that are conducted via a Search module will be taken to this page. This can be interesting if you want to customize the results page.