Simon Grange.


In order to efficiently create and manage your Joomla! website, you will need several tools. Some are indispensable (like a web server, a database) and other tools, albeit optional, will make your life easier when it comes to the improvement of your content and your site's security.


A web server on your computer

In order to build your website, to run some tests but also to check and test your backups, you will most certainly need to install a localhost server on your computer. It is simple and it can be done rather quickly. Here is a list of servers according to the environment that you are using:

For Mac


For Windows


For Linux 



A FTP client

You will need a FTP client to put your website online, to send files, folders and images on your server, to install some extensions and to back up your website.

There are many FTP clients available. One of them is FileZilla, it is free and compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.


Several browsers

To make sure that your website appears identical to all your visitors, you will have to check it in different browsers. Here are some free browsers:


A text editor

If you wish to modify some files (html, css, php...) so as to customize the design or the features of your website, you will need an editor. Here is a list of editors according to the environment that you are using:

  • For Mac: Smultron.
  • For Windows: Notepad++.
  • For Linux: Nano (different links according to distribution).


An image retouching software

You will most probably need to edit your images at some point. GIMP is a comprehensive and free software well suited for this purpose. Getting familiar with GIMP requires some time but it allows you to carry out many retouching tasks. Moreover, there's a wide GIMP community whose members provide great support through different help forums.


Some useful links

To build your Joomla!'s website, you may need to visit the following websites:, the official Joomla!'s website.

The Joomla! forums.

The JED (Joomla Extensions Directory) in which more than 10 000 Joomla! extensions are listed.

The Joomla Community Magazine in which articles on Joomla! are published every month.


Some extensions

Among the 10000 extensions that are listed in the JED, some are must-have extensions for your website. You will find my ten favorite ones in the chapter Top 10 extensions. But that's only my opinion ;)