Exit Bee for Joomla!

An on-site retargeting Joomla! Plugin to reduce cart abandonment & get more sales

Exit Bee pour Joomla!

Exit Bee

Exit Bee is a conversion optimization tool that enables personalized on-site retargeting for Joomla! Shop owners. It offers exit intent campaigns that trigger popups with personalized messages when a store visitor is about to leave without making a purchase, thereby reducing cart abandonment rates and boosting sales.

Joomla! is a popular choice amongst eCommerce owners to set up their online stores. Exit Bee follows similar principles to offer an easy-to-use interface that enables shop owners to retarget their exiting visitors with personalized on-site campaigns. 

The Exit Bee plugin uses a conversion optimization software that tracks your website visitors closely. It then enables you to understand what they are looking for and retarget them with personalized popup messages just before they leave. The plugin has been used to reduce cart abandonment, promote and recommend products, grow email lists, boost social following and more. 

Basic features of Exit Bee:

  • Exit intent overlay campaigns (fullscreen, boxed and more)
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Easy-to-use template editor
  • Responsive templates
  • Multi-step campaigns
  • Works on desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Unlimited exit campaigns
  • Third party integrations (MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, Zapier etc)

Advanced features of Exit Bee: 

  • Individual visitor insights
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Behavioural targeting
  • Real time analytics
  • Order tracking
  • Recovered value tracking
  • Campaign frequency

Targeting features of Exit Bee:

  • Exit pages
  • Geo-targeting
  • Device targeting
  • Source
  • New or returning visitors
  • Duration of visit
  • Number of pages visited
  • Pages seen/ not seen
  • Past campaign behaviour

Exit Bee analysis | How it works

Similar solutions offer retargeting online store and website visitors with popup campaigns. These campaigns are not triggered based on the visitor’s intent and often end up being promotional, resulting in loss of visitors and possible sales. Exit Bee brings personalization to onsite popup campaigns to boost conversions using the right message, at the right time.


  • Tracks visitor movements
  • Understands likes, preferences and purchase triggers
  • Segments them based on on-site behaviour
  • Predicts exit intent
  • Targets them with personalized messages on overlays/popups
  • High level overlay targeting for more conversions
  • Works on both desktop and mobile 

With the focus being personalization, Exit Bee campaigns are non-intrusive in nature and enable 1:1 personalization. Simply put, they give you a second chance at converting your online store visitor without bombarding them with irrelevant campaigns that might drive them away. 

  • Non-intrusive because they target a visitor only on exit intent or a defined trigger. It gives them the time to explore the online store at their own pace, without interrupting their experience at any point.
  • Personalized messaging at the right time based on what the visitor is looking for or has shown interest in, holds back an exiting customer. This encourages the customer to interact with the online store or make a purchase before leaving.
  • Be it getting more email subscribers, boosting social media shares and following, promoting and recommending products, reducing cart abandonment or generating more leads from all pages, Exit Bee enables you to create multiple on-site campaigns for different visitors to achieve different goals. 

Custom Exit Bee Campaign Targeting 

Exit Bee aims at encouraging website visitors to interact with the online store before they leave. To ensure the campaigns remain non-intrusive, it offers the following targeting options: 

1. Exit intent

Track your online store visitors, predict their exit intent from any of the pages and recover them with a custom message. Turn visitors into customers with a second chance at converting them. 

2. Exit pages 

Analyse which page a visitor is leaving from and target him with a contextual campaign. Create multiple Exit Bee campaigns to target different segments of your online store visitors for maximum conversions. 

3. Device targeting 

Target online store visitors based on the device they are using. Show custom campaigns to mobile and desktop visitors for more conversions. 

4. Source targeting

Identify where your visitors are coming from. Create contextual campaigns to keep your messaging consistent, enhance their experience and convert more visitors. 

5. Browsing behaviour

Understand what the visitor is doing on your store at every visit - the pages he is visiting, products he is showing interest in, campaigns he is interacting with and more. Target them with personalized messages based on their browsing behaviour. 

6. Campaign behaviour

Link your Exit Bee campaigns and target visitors based on their past behaviour. Know what has interested the visitor before and personalize your campaign with the right message to convert him again. 

7. Location targeting

Create geo-targeted campaigns to convert your online store visitors with localised messages. Identify where your visitors are coming from to make your campaigns more relevant. 

Exit Bee also enables you to target your online store visitors with an overlay based on the time they spend on-site, the number of pages they have visited, the number of visits they have made to the site and more triggers. 

Example Use Cases of Exit Bee 

Reduce cart abandonment 

Increase sales be retargeting those who abandon products at the last minute. Offer custom discounts or incentives just when they are leaving from checkout pages, to encourage purchase completion.


Grow email list 

Nudge your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters with messaging based on their behaviour and grow a healthy email list. Boost your lead generation process by 20x.


Promote products & deals 

Not all your visitors see what you want them to. Exit Bee lets you promote new products, popular deals and remind them to check them out before they leave.


Conduct surveys 

Collect valuable insights from exiting visitors to understand what they expect from you. Improve engagement and user experience on their next visit.


Recommend content 

Reduce your bounce rates by recommending content and products relevant to a visitor’s on-site behaviour.


Increase social following

Encourage your online store visitors to share their purchases or follow you on social before they leave to remain up-to-date with popular deals.



Exit Bee is a smart plugin for online stores powered by Joomla! It gives a second chance to eCommerce business owners and marketers to convert their store visitors before they leave with high level personalization. The plugin has successfully recovered 40% of cart abandonment and increased email subscriptions for online stores by 1,700%. 


Exit Bee Joomla! Plugin: https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/exit-bee/

Exit Bee user case studies: http://www.exitbee.com/case-studies/

Documentation and help docs: http://bit.ly/2sDs6Vd


Vanhishikha Bhargava

I am the Growth Marketer at Exit Bee, a conversion optimization tool for online stores. I work on content and strategies that don’t just help eCommerce businesses implement the product in their growth strategies, but also do so with optimized resources.

At other times, I am looking into conversion optimization and marketing trends on digital for eCommerce businesses. You can follow me on Twitter for more tips here: https://twitter.com/VanhishikhaB

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