Introduction to Phoca Cart

Phoca Cart is a new e-commerce extension for Joomla! CMS. It is a complex shopping cart, built on Joomla! and its framework. It is fully integrated with the latest Joomla! series (no bridge, no unnecessary code instructions for obsolete Joomla! versions). And it is designed with the Bootstrap library.

001 phoca cart simone joomforest template

This means that your e-shop will benefit from a responsive design and will be perfectly displayed on all devices like desktop, notebook, mobile phone or tablet.

Thanks to Phoca Cart you can sell real products or digital downloads. Phoca Cart can be also used as catalogue, gallery or download extension.

Phoca Cart can be easily extended by:

Modules (cart, category, product, currency, filter, search, wish list, comparison, ...)
Plugins (payment, shipping and custom plugins)
Joomla! extensions (PDF documents created by Phoca PDF extension)*
Templates (standard Joomla! templates).

001 phoca cart simone joomforest template

Phoca Cart extended by Joomla! template Simone** made by JoomForest 1/

There is plenty of options in Phoca Cart to customize it. Even component’s output can be overwritten by a template. And if you won’t find any way to customize it by options or template, Phoca Cart is an open source project so you can adjust it directly in the source code in any way you wish.

Phoca Cart - Installation

If you have already installed your Joomla! website, just download Phoca Cart component*** and install it using the Joomla! extension manager. Once installed, Getting Started Wizard will start and you can follow it to setup your e-shop. It will guide you through the setup of categories, taxes, products, shipping and payment methods, countries and regions. Installing additional modules is recommended and you can use all in one installation package to install default modules all at once. The following modules will be installed: Cart, Category, Comparison, Currency, Filter, Product, Search and Wish
list. If you need to customize your e-shop, then go to Phoca Cart Options. The last step of setting up the e-shop is creating a menu link.

002 phoca cart wizard

Phoca Cart – Getting Started Wizard 2/

Phoca Cart – Store Management

You can manage your e-shop in your Joomla! backend.
Administration follows up standard Joomla! backend features so there will be no difference to administration of articles or other Joomla! features.


Products can be real products or digital downloads. They can be stored in unlimited category levels. Access to products can be limited through standard Joomla! ACL, customer groups or publishing options. Product can be assigned to manufacturer and it can include images, attributes and its options, specifications, tags or related products.
Each product can include specific stock options, discount options, download options, size options and reward points options. Products can be exported/imported in XML or CSV format. Each product can have its own XML feed.


When a customer makes an order then it is stored in your shop and includes all the necessary information: order information, shipping and billing information of the customer, detailed calculation. The customer can get information about the download link (in case of digital
products), about order link or shipping tracking information. All these information can be sent by email when the order status changes.

Shipping Methods

If you sell real products, usually you need to set the shipping method for sending the products to your customers. You can extend your shipping method by shipping method plugins.

You can set following rules which manage the viewing of the method in checkout:
Access/ Customer Groups/ Lowest Amount/ Highest Amount/ Zones/ Countries/ Regions/ Lowest Weight/ Highest Weight/ Maximum Length/ Maximum Width/ Maximum Height.

Payment methods

You can extend your payment method by payment method plugins.
You can set following rules which manage the displaying of the method in checkout:
Access/ Customer Groups/ Lowest Amount/ Highest Amount/ Zones/ Countries/ Regions/ Shipping Method.


Product, Shipping and Payment can include tax, which can be calculated in percentage or as fixed amount. Tax can be based on country or region.


You can sell products in different currencies.


Final price of order in Phoca Cart can be influenced by many factors. Such factors are implemented in calculation. So the final price can be changed by customer group price. It can be reduced by reward points, product discount, cart discount and coupon. It can be increased by tax, shipping and payment method costs.

003 phoca cart calculation

Phoca Cart - Calculation 3/

Stock Management

  • There are three different methods how stock will be managed in Phoca Cart:
  • Main Product - all product variations will be handled as one product
  • Product Variations - each product variation is handled as solitary product
  • Advanced Stock Management - each product variation is handled as solitary product - combination of different product variations is enabled.

The same applies to checking of minimum ordered amount of products:

  • Main Product
  • Product Variations
  • Advanced Stock Management.

Stock quantity of combination of different product variations can be set in advanced stock options. It depends on attribute settings which combination will be used.


Phoca Cart can be extended by modules, plugins and templates****. You can download Phoca Cart for free. In case you need to get help with installation or you have any other questions, please write a question in Phoca Cart forum page*****.


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