Interview with Arvind Chauhan COO at Joomlart, Joomla! templates provider

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Interview de Joomlart fabricant de templates Joomla!

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Hello Arvind, ould you please introduce yourself for our readers?

I am Arvind Chauhan, COO,, I was working as Assistant Professor, Veterinary Surgery & Radiology, Bombay Veterinary College before I Joined JoomlArt. Long story short, I fell in love with Joomla and there was no looking back.

How could you define what is Joomlart today?

We are 50+ people at JoomlArt engaged in the templates, extension development and support and what I like the most about our team is the dedication and passion for the work. Our evergrowing community is vibrant and over the past 10 years we have 400K+ members in our forums.

Why did you choose Joomla! ?, why joomlart uses Joomla!?

When I started way back in 2007-08, I tried many cms and then found Mambo and from there I moved onto Joomla. I found it easier to work with Joomla inspite of not being a developer, i could get almost everything setup  with just mouse clicks and all I had to work hard was just the content. The availability of wide range of extensions made it easier to implement Joomla in any environment.

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Few months ago, you've asked your community members about their needs and wishes for a new template, but how do you proceed usually ? What is the process which leads you to create this kind or this kind of template style ?

We generally try to balance our inventory with templates catering to popular categories such as News, ecommerce, Business etc and every year we try to have atleast 2 big templates with lots of features for example  our multi purpose Uber Joomla! template.

We have always released preview of the template before releasing it, that gives our users a chance to provide feedback which can be used to improve the upcoming template as well as it provides us insight on what users are looking forward to. Once a while we do ask our members to vote on the type of templates they wish for based on their projects.

Why did you make extensions?

Most of our extensions are developed for providing features in our own templates, it helps to do the template development faster as we can reuse the same extensions in multiple templates at the same time features added to these extensions automatically benefit the templates they are used in.


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You are in the business around Joomla!, how do you forecast the future of this business?

Joomla! for now has slowed down and we do hope that upcoming versions of Joomla would encourage users to prefer Joomla. The migration from one version to another takes the toll, upgrades should be the way to go.ons.

What is Joomlart in a few figures?

  • Registered users: 417K+
  • Number of templates : 162
  • Number of extensions : 30+
  • Facebook fans : 30,800
  • Twitter followers : 13,700
  • G+ : 4,200

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