Free Joomla! 4 Template

A few months after the release of Joomla! 4, several free templates are already available for this new version


Wich are the best free templates available with Joomla! 4 A few months after the release of Joomla! 4, several free templates are almready available as an alternative to Cassiopiea, the native template of Joomla! 4 Stark
A simple and clean design Based on the T4 framework (developed bu Joomlart), JA STARK is a free template for Joomla! 4 which will be adapted for the creation of professional sites, landing page or agencies.
Three styles variations are available. A menu will allows you to organise your navigation easily. All the possibilities of Joomla! 4 natives pages (as contact page, blog page, 404 error page…) are available. It will be easy for you to create quickly your Joomla! 4 website with this template.
A complete doumentation is also available on the author’s website. LIVE DEMO DOWNLOAD Helium
A free template powered by Gantry Helium is a free but efficient template built on the Gantry 5 framework. Thanks to this template, you will be able to use all the proposed layout styles. With all the Gantry 5 feature, your website will easily evolve. 
This template is also very well optimized in terms of performance and page loading time. The installation is made in a few minutes. In order to use the template Helium in your Joomla! 4 website, you will have to also install the Gantry 5 plugin, available on the same loading page. 
L’installation et la prise en main se font en quelques minutes.
Afin de pouvoir utiliser le template Helium sur votre site Joomla! 4, vous devrez également installer le plugin Gantry 5 (qui est disponible sur la même page de téléchargement). LIVE DEMO DOWNLOAD Campaign Campaign is a free Joomla! 4 template proposed by Joomlart. Originally, this template was create by the developers to support a community project to deal with the Covid19. This project brought together more than 40 extensions, templates and host providers. The complete story is available on the author’s websites. Since this story, Joomlart offers this template for free on Joomla! 4. This template is simple, but offers clean displays for all types of pages. 
Depuis, Joomlart propose ce template gratuitement pour Joomla! 4.
Ce template se veut simple, mais il embarque des affichages soignés pour tous les types de pages proposés par Joomla!. LIVE DEMO DOWNLOAD SJ Basic4
A template to create online magazine Offered by Smartaddons, the SJ Basic4 template allows to realise the website of a magazine or a newspaper. The template (also available on a quikstrart pack), includes some extensions as a slideshow, social media publication or a megamenu. This templates will allow you to create a simple and clean layout, even for website with a lot of content.  LIVE DEMO DOWNLOAD Helix Ultimate
A framework with a lot of possibilities Helix Ultimate is not a template but a framework. It means it’s a set of libraries to create templates. But, with Joomla! 4, Helix Ultimate can be used as a template. The functionality provided will allow you to create a very clean website with the possibilities to customize this template as you wish, without necessarily having any programming knowledge.
To have an overview of all the possibilities offered by this template, we advise you to use the Quikstrart package, which is also free. 
Last but not least, Helix Ultimate is also very performing in terms of SEO and page loading time. LIVE DEMO DOWNLOAD JA Simply If your wish is to create quickly and easily a Joomla! 4 website, then JA Simply is made for you ! This free template offer a very clean and professional layout, and the template comes in 4 different colors.
The template is also compatible with EasyBlog (a very good blog management extension fo Joomla! 4), and EasySocial (an extension to create a social network with Joomla! 4).  LIVE DEMO DOWNLOAD Nature
A simple and functional template The Nature template is built without a Framework utilisation. The features are more limited but the installation is very simple and especially very fast. 
The design is simple but clean and the page loading time performances are correct.  LIVE DEMO DOWNLOAD T4
A strong framework for Joomla! 4 The T4 Framework is the one developed and used by Joomlart to create all the templates they offers. This framework can also be used as a template. It brings many layout possibilities but especially a simple administration interface that will allow you to customize your site as you want, without having to touch a line of code. This framework also includes a mega menu. The community around this framework is also very important, and you can get help if you need it.  LIVE DEMO DOWNLOAD