100 + Templates available for Joomla! 4

À peine un mois après la sortie de Joomla! 4, déjà plus de 100 templates sont compatibles avec cette nouvelle version.

100+ Templates available for Joomla! 4 Joomla! 4 is available in stable version since the 17 of August 2021. The Cassiopeia template, provided by default is very performing but also very simple. Barely a month after the release of Joomla! 4, more than an hundred templates are already available. JoomShaper Based on helix framework (also suitable with Joomla!4), Joomshaper propose more than 100 professional templates. At this point, close to 40 templates are comptable with Joomla! 4. Two of them was created for this version, and the others what updated.  
Joomshaper should make all their templates compatible with Joomla! 4 soon.
Joomshaper also offers templates compatible with third-party extensions, as J2Store or Virtuemart.  Note Joomshaper is also the developer of the SP Page builder, an excellent page builder extension.  Price Joomshaper propose the entire collection of templates for 59 dollars for 3 months and 99 dollars for a year.  Joomlart Based on the framework T4 Framework (also compatible with Joomla! 4), Joomlart already propose more than 40 professional quality templates, well enable with Joomla! 4. Templates proposed by Joomlart are suitable with all natives Joomla! extensions. Some of them are even provided with third-party extensions as Virtuemart (for e-commerce), Guru Pro (for e-learning website), Solidres and Vik Booking (for website with online reservation system) or also JomSocial.  Note T4 Framework is available for free. If you have some development notions, you can use this framework to create custom templates.
Joomlart also propose many extensions as T4 Page Builder (a very complete page builder), some extensions about social media, pop-up management or also Joomla! Content (slider, galerie…)  Price All Joomlart templates (more than 200) are available for 89 dollars. For that price, you can use these templates without any limitation in time and you will have access to the updates during 12 months.  Hot Joomla Templates Present since 2009, Hot Joomla! Template propose more that 100 templates, which more than 50 are already suitable with Joomla! 4. Developers expand the list daily.
Some of theses templates are created with the SPARKY page builder, which fits perfectly into the native Joomla! article management.  Note Hot Joomla! Template also propose free templates, but theses are only available for Joomla! 3 for the moment.  Price Hot Joomla! Template offers different packs for different needs and prices. The unique template is 39 dollars and you can have access to all the templates for 49 dollars. Once your subscription is over, you will still be able to use your template but you will not have access to the potential updates.  GavickPRO Gavick offers about fifty templates and more than 25 are already available for Joomla!4. Gavick’s templates integrate high quality third-party components as NEWS SHOW PRO GK5 and METRO GRID, two content management and display. 
Gavick usually propose clean and professional designs with many possibilities. 
Gavick propose généralement des designs épurés et très professionnels aux nombreuses possibilités. Price Gavick offers all their templates (more than 50) for 89 dollars.  Themeforest Themeforest gather more than 1000 templates for Joomla!. Many contributors propose their jobs on this platform. You will find templates of all types. Filters will allow you to find what you’re searching for more easily. 
The first template compatible with Joomla! 4 was released on the 1 of September, Themeforest currently offers about fifty of them.  Note Themeforest gather independent developers. Templates’s price will be different. You will have to be attentive about the tools used (extensions but also frameworks) to not be surprised when setting up the template.  Price On Themeforest, the prise is different for every templates, and each developer have his own manner to proceed. Read carefully the descriptions. Joomlaplates Joomlaplate’s templates are simple, as well in the design than in the utilisation. You will be able to create easily and quickly professional websites. 
Joomlaplate propose now over 50 templates compatible with Joomla! 4 about different themes (portfolio, one page, sports, travel, blog…). Many third-party extensions are integrated into some templates.  Price You will be able to access to all the templates during 12 month for 35 euros, but only with one domain name. If you want to use the templates on different domain names, you will have to pay 49 euros for 3 months, or 99 euros for 12 months. Templates not yet compatible with Joomla! 4 This new version of Joomla!, expected since many years, is available only since a few weeks. Many developers didn’t had the time to migrate templates and extensions to this new version. A little more patience and soon, you will have access to a large choice of templates for your Joomla! 4 website !